Here is feedback
concerning the mobile Spay & Neuter Van that was on campus during the week
of January 6-10, 2003…  In addition to spaying and neutering 22 NMSU
campus feral cats, many NMSU faculty, staff and students had their companion
dogs and cats (79 in all!) spayed or neutered…

many, many thanks to YOU for all you did to get the van here, and for helping
the campus kitties. We all appreciate it so much." — C.B.

"Hi, I
wanted to let you know that my dogs are doing good and to thank you for
me in the schedule." — A.G.

"You’re welcome,
but the thanks should go to you guys. You guys were so awesome. Paying high
dollar vet visits does not include great service. My dog is doing great!"
— E.M.

many thanks. You and the rest of the SNAP crew
doing such important work." — S.S.

"Thanks to you
for organizing it on our end!  You did a great job!" — V.D.

"I just wanted to
let you know that our experience with you and everyone was excellent.  Our
dog did very well, by the time we got home he was his normal self as if nothing
had happened.  Thank you for a positive experience." — C.Q.

"Good for
you for doing this!" — H.M.