new mexico state university feral cat management program

FCaMP stands for Feral Cat Management Program. In 2002, we got permission from the NMSU administration to conduct a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) program on campus, with a mission of stabilizing/reducing the feral cat population here at NMSU. We accomplished this goal by spaying or neutering, vaccinating and microchipping the felines; tipping their left ear to identify them as having been TNR’d; then returning them to campus where they lived out their lives. When we began our program in 2002, there were an estimated 200-250 cats on the campus. Today, there are less than 40 cats living on campus, with an average age of ten years. We have since disbanded the formal FCaMP program, but those of us currently caring for established colonies will continue to do so until all of those cats are gone. It has been a pleasure and a privilege to help the campus cats. Thank you! 

If you have questions about, or need guidance/assistance with cats, either here on campus or elsewhere, please contact us at fcamp@nmsu.edu. There are community resources who may be able to help and, when appropriate, we are happy to guide you to those resources.